Fave looks with a RED blazer

If you are looking to step up your game, a red blazer will do the trick! Reds go great with blues, whites and khaki’s. When paired together you potentially could look like the American flag, but when paired separately your look is classic and chic! Below are three looks: blazer with jeans, blazer with khakis and blazer with white dress. Please keep in mind the shoes and necklace go with each outfit!!



Sweet Treats

If you are looking for originality in chocolate treats, housewarming gifts or gift baskets,  then look no further than Apples of Eden. Located in the Historic Village of Greendale, Apples of Eden offers up a wide variety of chocolate covered apples with almost every type of topping for almost any occassion. There is even a kids section in the back of the store dedicated to all sorts of candy.

sweet treats

Frosty Duluth, MN offers up a really cool Malt Shoppe

If you find yourself thinking about where to travel on your next summer vacation with the family, Duluth, MN may be your next destination.  It sits on the shores of Lake Superior and is the most inland port in the United States. This historic neighborhood once was called Portland, but because of the postmaster receiving many mailings intended for other US Portland cities, postmasters petitioned to join the two villages and call them Duluth. Perhaps the charming photo below of the Portland Malt Shoppe located in Duluth, MN will do all the convincing to take that next family trip to Duluth, MN.

Check out the cool malt shoppe in Duluth, MN


What’s the Buzz?

It’s all about Salon BUZZ in Chicago. Salon Buzz is a full service salon that offers everything from facials to pedicures. There are two convenient Gold Coast locations in Chicago: 1 East Delaware Place and 310 West Superior.

Cari, the colorist and Jackie, the hair designer work their magic every time I need a hair boost.

They offer lines such as Kerastase, Bumble and Bumble, Shu Uemura Art of Hair and Spa Ritual.

One of the top rated salons in Chicago



Functionality Meets Aesthetics

I have been searching for a functional, but yet fashionable backpack for the last six months. I was running through the Minneapolis airport to catch a flight when I ran past the TUMI store and stopped in my tracks. I had to run into the store and ask the sales person all about the newest addition to the TUMI family. TUMI collaborated with DROR, a Holland trained designer, to come up with a collection that takes into account functionality and aesthetics. Watch the product demo and meet the designer below.


Aesthetics Meets Functionality When Dror and Tumi Collaborate






BJones, best little boutique

If you want access to all the top New York and La trends without having to travel to those cities leave up to BJones. This cute little boutique in Rockford, IL has the best finds. It has great jewelry and scarves from Chann Luu, great designers like Beth Bowley, Emu, William Rast (Justin Timberlake’s line), Trina Turk to name a few…It has great staff that gives all of their attention when you need it most.