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Specifique shampoo for thinning hairFor those of us with thinning hair, this shampoo is by far one of the best out there. I describe the Kerastase line as the Gucci of shampoo. This specific shampoo adds texture to thinning hair and gives instant volume and depth to your hair.

3 thoughts on “Featured product of the week

  1. I’ve used the Kerastase line for over 7 years. It truly is the best hair care on the market….especially for long hair. The Oleo line rocks!!!! Especially the hair oil during the summer.

  2. Hi, Jovanka,
    fortunately I have strong and thick hair, so I can recommend great product which make thick hair softner, shiner and easier to brush. It is ALFAPARF – SEMI DI LINO “illuminatig serum cristalli liquidi” made in Milano, Italy. You can buy it in Belgrade, Serbia, named “SDL KRISTAL KAPI”.

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