Jet set to Paris and French Riviera

I am slowly getting ready to head out to Paris and Monte Carlo for a romantic vacation with my husband. I am so looking forward to the trip and soaking in all the Parisian culture and fashion. I will take plenty of photos and share them all with you. In the meantime check out a couple of the sites that we have on our list… Au Revoir!

Easy Summer Dresses!

Love some of these pretty dresses and romper for the summer…


Valentino pumps

Did you ever think you could find discounted Valentino pumps? Well, you can! I found a pair at Neiman Marcus Last Call. They have great detailing and are a neutral shoe. They were an extra 40% off. I believe you can also find them still online at Last Call or at Style Bop.

Absolutely love them, great neutral shoe.






If you are looking for a new place to eat in town, then you need to try Honeypie in Bayview. This little restaurant serves great food and not to mention an excellent dessert menu that has vegan desserts for those with milk allergies. The food tastes great!!


Pop of color

I really love a great deal. This little fuchsia leather purse with a chain link strap is from Ann Taylor. It was originally priced at $148, marked down to 79.99 and then an addition 40%. So I bought it for $47.99. Great buy, for a pop of summer color!!