About Jovanka

Young Jovanka

I believe my love of fashion began as a child, I was given certain goals to achieve and was awarded an article of clothing/shoes when I achieved them. For example, my parents told me if I made the honor roll, I would be awarded a pair of Jordache jeans. Hit the honor roll again and another pair of Jordache, do it again and again and I soon moved on to my tiny grey oxfords, cute pink pants and a totally fashion forward girl tie. It's amazing how conditioned we become over the years. My parents placed value on beautiful clothes and therefore I am writing about them today.

My goal is to provide ideas for women on how to create different outfits. These outfits can be for working women, women preparing for a job interview, women entering back into the workforce, outfits from office wear to cocktail hour, etc. With these ideas in hand, looking fashionable will be chic and simple! Fashion Simply will put it all together for you and let you know where to find the item, too.

I hope you enjoy my blog and as always let me know what you like and what I can improve upon to make FashionSimply a better blog. You can even email me at jo@fashionsimply.com.

Talk to you later,